[highlight type=”1″ bgcolor=”#eb8a8a”]ATTIRE[/highlight]

Girls: Black or pink leotard Pink tights
Pink ballet slippers
Boys: Black tights

Black ballet slippers
White tee-shirt

May wear any color leotard, but must wear pink tights. Skirts may be worn only during the first week of each month.

Any color leotard and tights Jazz shoes (black) Hip Hop (black dance sneakers) Biker shorts and tee-shirts allowed Modern (bare feet).

Must be worn in a bun or french twist. Ponytails are acceptable for jazz, modern and hip hop.

[highlight type=”1″ bgcolor=”#eb8a8a”]RECITAL[/highlight]

The first costume payment of $20.00 is due October 28th. The remaining payment will be due February 10th. Please let me know as soon as possible if your child will not be interested in dancing in the recital. The costume payment is non-refundable.

[highlight type=”1″ bgcolor=”#eb8a8a”]FOOD AND DRINK[/highlight]

Besides water bottles, no food or drink will be allowed in the studio.

[highlight type=”1″ bgcolor=”#eb8a8a”]During severe winter weather:[/highlight]

There will be an announcement on the studio phone (684-3400) to inform you of any cancellations. The announcement will be recorded at least 1 hour before classes are to begin. There may be days when morning classes need to be cancelled, but evening classes will not. As mentioned above, please listen to the recording if you have any questions. Any snow days can be made up in other classes. However, if a day is repeatedly missed due to weather, a make-up day may be scheduled during a vacation.

[highlight type=”1″ bgcolor=”#eb8a8a”]NOISE[/highlight]

Please keep noise levels down while waiting for classes. Loud voices are distracting to the teacher as well as the students.

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